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Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Beginner: (Ages 6+) 60 Minutes
This is a 60-minute class that focuses on the basics of tumbling including forward and backward roll variants, cartwheel variants, round-offs, handstands, and introduces the skills and drills necessary to learn front and back handsprings.
Tumbling Intermediate: (Ages 6+) 60 Minutes
This is a 60-minute class that continues to build on what was learned in Tumbling
Beginner and introduces more advanced tumbling skills such as front limbers, backbend kick-overs, front handsprings, round-off back handsprings connections, front flips and aerials.
Tumbling Advanced: (Ages 6+) 60 Minutes
This 60 minute tumbling class is specifically structured to work with each athletes
individual goals to increase their tumbling proficiency. In this class we will be focused on connections, series tumbling passes, flips, and twisting.